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About me

Alessandro is a young artist who since his childhood has dedicated his life exclusively to preparing to be a musician.


Since his first drum lessons at the age of four,

his learning has evolved with piano studies, music production,

cinematographic composition, sound engineering,

and with the will of continuing learning in the

infinite musical universe.


Passionate about electronic music,

he also focused his interest on the

professional mix for clubs.


After going through all the stages and perfecting the techniques,

he had the chance at the age of just fifteen to make his public debut

in the well-known Café del Mar in Ibiza. And taking advantage of the good outcome of it, a few months later he started his weekly Radio Show "Together to Infinity"on Pure Ibiza Radio, which is a radio show that he has been broadcasting since 2016.


He always stood out for expressing with music not only a capable rhythm to make the body move, but the need to express something else, the power to touch the feelings of his audience and when possible to reach their hearts.


In recent years he has been dedicated to his musical productions, such as electronic music, cinematographic music, advertising,

and other things. This way focusing on the dream of evolving his

own brand, “Ibiza in the City”.


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